Meet Scott Watkins - Dog-Gone Good Real Estate 

Scott Watkins | Dog Gone Good Real EstateI have been intrigued with the many different facets of real estate after purchasing my first home at the tender age of 18 and becoming a real estate investor with my first rental at the age of 19. Growing up in a real estate environment (my mother worked at a real estate office owned by my Boy Scout troop leader) was a true blessing. I have owned real estate and income property in the United States and Europe.

As a former airline pilot I bring to my clients two distinct qualities instilled in me by my aviation career. Those are stellar communication and superior results. Real estate is my passion. I have been a full time real estate Broker since 2005. My personal time is spent with my four "children" (three dogs and one cat) who go by the name of Andy Barker, Bull Dozer, Charlie Cigar and Burt the Cat. Check them out at Sammeke Ranch on FacebookThrough Dog-Gone Good Real Estate at Professional Realty Services I support a Washington-based senior dog rescue by the name of Old Dog Haven as well as three rural animal shelters in California, the McFarland Animal Shelter, Delano Animal Shelter and the Wasco Animal Shelter.