What a GRRRRR8T place for your dog to have their own vacation when they can't be on vacation with you!

I have known the owners Patrick and Carol Bianchi for many years and I would not hesitate to have any of my dogs vacation at the Northwest Dog Retreat!

In addition to being fervent dog lovers Carol especially has a wicked sense of humor! For example on the main page of their website: "Northwest Dog Retreat is an overnight dog boarding facility that specializes in ear scratching and belly rubs (sorry, four legged friends only)."

Now that's dog-gone funny!

The residents have a ruff life at the Northwest Dog Retreat .... really ruff! Wake up, stretch, breakfast, rest, play, TREATS!, rest, play, DINNER!, rest, play and sleep! What a play yard! Covered areas, open areas, Kong toys all over, weather permitting a swimming pool!

Which of course leads to a whole bunch of sniffing around!

Which leads to "Mom, dad! What a DogSuite I have here!"

..... and then finally: "I don't want to go home! Can't you go back on vacation and let me stay here awhile longer? Pluuuuuuease?"

Northwest Dog Retreat can be found in the Arlington/Smokey Point area of Washington.

Here is their contact information:

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Patrick and Carol Bianchi, Jake and Max
Arlington, WA 425-876-9939
email: kennels@nwdogretreat.com
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